Frequently asked questions

Why choose Tennis Central Platinum?

We know there are many private clubs and programs in the area, however, Tennis Central stands alone in the quality, professionalism, care and results of its programs and coaches. Our model brings world-class academy style coaches trained in the European Player Development System directly to you in the convenience of your home. Where most programs have only one quality coach on staff, the entire Tennis Central Platinum roster will exceed your expectations.

What does a typical Platinum session look like?

A Platinum session begins right after your booking. You will get a phone consultation from your World Class Coach to discuss your aspirations and to design a bespoke action plan. During the consultation, you will be asked some questions that are relevant to your game type and your goals. The lesson day is all about activating your action plan and giving you all the necessary advantages in equipment, nutrition, hydration, and strategic and technical know-how to excel at the game. If you have chosen the Video Analysis option, your session will be recorded, analyzed, and discussed with you.

What instructors are best for beginners? kids?

Our world class coaches are FULL RANGE. This means they are trained to teach any age and any level with the same exponential improvements in mind. We encourage you to try them all as they each provide a unique style and insights. Feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.

What is the payment policy?

Can we meet at a court that is not at my home?

A Platinum Coach can be dispatched to any location you book them for. The only requirement is that the court be in a safe, private, and scheduled court to avoid delays in accessing the court. You will be able to input the address of the court during the check-out process.

Who are the coaches and how do I see their bios?

We have only chosen the very best coaches to be part of the Platinum team. Each is:

  • nationally & internationally ranked
  • highly educated
  • multi-lingual
  • Tennis Central Certified for adults and kids
  • background-checked
  • insured
  • discreet
You can find a picture and description of each HERE.

What happens if it rains?

In case of rain, we will be in touch to simply reschedule your session to a better day.

What should I bring to the lesson?

We recommend bringing all the appropriate clothing and equipment needed to perform at your best. A Platinum Coach will always be ready with balls, additional rackets, grips, and accessories, if needed, to fine tune your experience. If you would like to purchase a racquet, please let us know in the comments section of your booking or during our planning call, so we can bring demo racquets for you to find the perfect one. We are an offiical Babolat dealer.